Decision making in case of adfilms

Usually, You go through the following 5 steps process to take a decision about whether an ad film is appropriate for marketing your product/service.

1. Need Recognition
2. Search for Information
3. Evaluation of alternatives
4. Purchase decision
5. Post purchase evaluation

A brief description of these steps will be as follows: 

Need recognition: The first step is to realize/recognize the need. You will find yourself in a troublesome situation where you have  to get the word out that you have something exciting to offer, and raise awareness among the target audience about your  offering, and also educate them about the related benefits of your  product/ service. This is when you realize the need for an ad film to advertise your  products/services in the market.

Search for Information: You  find out various means through which You can satisfy your  need. You will gather information about how you can solve your problem, by gaining information through various sources about various types of ad films.You will notice that there are different types of advertisements in today’s world.They are:

  1.   Institutional ad films
  2.   Educational ad films
  3.   Call to action ad films
Evaluation of alternatives: You will evaluate between various alternatives and draw conclusions about the best alternative to solve your problem. For example, in this case  you will understand that you need
  • Ø  Institutional ad films, if you need not say anything about what the specifics of the product are, what it costs or any of its features, Other than saying that its cool and you must have one.
  • Ø  Educational ad films, when you want to educate the audience who you are. They are Introductions.
  • Ø  Call to action ad films, when you want to convey the message such as,  Here’s a product which  will change your life,  here’s its   price and its on sale this weekend and if you buy it now you will get 2 of them. 

        Which style is best for you depends on what your goal is . Is it  to  build your brand or re-brand?  Are you testing products in different markets?  What you are going to  communicate to your customers and how well does your customer know your brand on television or online, will dictate what type of ad you need to create.

Purchase decision: Based on the evaluation of alternatives, you will decide as to which ad film is better to you and make the actual purchase.

Post purchase evaluation: In this phase You will  analyze whether you have made a right decision. You seek reassurance from the service provider that the service provider has offered you the good quality at a reasonable price. You will feel delighted if you could win the business to a considerable level, because of ad films.

We are happy and proud to introduce ourselves as, “The Chitrakars” , a company that has got proven experience in making ad films, and helping the customer throughout the decision process, as to what is the kind of appropriate ad film to them and what should the final quality be.  
Throughout our Journey all these days, we have served customers ,who are delighted with our ad films , and we  have developed a strong customer base.

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