In case of startups, an ad film can prove to be helpful in reaching out to a wide range of audience.

In most of the cases, YouTube ad films will be able to generate instant brand awareness and create many new customers.

On the other hand, ill-conceived ad film can cause damage to your brand.

This is where, we, ’The chitrakars’, an ad film making company steps in, to effectively address your potential problems in ad film making.

Here are some tips on how ad films should be to make you a winner in the market.
Keep Length of your video brief

Ø Ad films allow you to narrate all the details of your business in greater depth, while in comparison with commercials in other medium, such as, Newspapers and flyers etc.

Ø We recommend confining the size of videos to  90- to- 120 second range. Sometimes, the product may be relatively straight forward. In that case, one minute or less than one minute can be sufficient.

Fun is not mandatory to an ad film
Ø Even though ad films that incorporate fun in them are most of the times successful, there is another side of the coin.
Ø Sometimes, it proves to be a huge mistake to instill fun in the ad films forcedly. The fun must be in its natural way.

Usage of clear language
Ø Never commit the mistake of having your ad films in such a way that they use Industry jargon and buzzwords for describing value. Convey your message in a simple language.

Ad films must ensure that viewers understand about how to use your product

Ø Ad films must take the viewer into a mental state of experiencing the product alongside of having a positive reaction.
Ø This will motivate them to take the next step towards having it.

Never forget the limitations of the ad film
Ø The effectiveness of ad film depends up on the question as to what is the quality of the product.
Ø In spite of all the efforts to produce an ad film with highly superior production values, if it doesn’t get you more number of shares, the problem may not lie  just with the ad itself, but it may lie with the business that it is representing.

Decide what type of message you would like to convey through ad film
Ø It may be noted that you must ask yourself the following questions before deciding upon the type of message you would like to convey through ad films:
Ø Whether you are giving general Introduction to your services?
Ø Whether you are promoting product/service that is new to the market?
Ø Whether you are going to give a “special offer”, that you want to emphasize upon?
Ø How does your product/service bring difference in the life of your Customer by making his life easier, better or happier?
Ø How you want to emphasize your experience and reputation?

Get  your basic script ready
Ø As an owner of the business, you know your business best. So, Probably you are the best person to tell the people about it.
Ø Therefore, get your basic script ready. We, ”The chitrakars”, a professional company for making ad films will develop a story around it.
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