Various Explainer Video styles

There are various types of explainer video styles, which cater to specific marketing goals and have focus on specific target audience.
The most popular among them are:
a)      Character animation videos
b)      Motion graphic videos
c)       Whiteboard videos
d)      Live action videos

Character animation videos: We would like to tell you that this is one among the highly familiar and popular  animated marketing video styles.

In Case of this type of video, we design the characters in such a way, so as to bring emotion and personality to your brand, and also they are crafted in such a way, so that they attract your audience’s attention very quickly.

In this type of video style, the main character (representing your buyer persona) solves the problem (that is representing your audience’s problem), by the means of using your product/service.
Here it is worth mentionable that these types of videos are highly appropriate for B2C markets, because they are proved to be highly appealing in nature and also because they create a strong emotional bond with the audience.

They are also helpful for B2B markets, if the company understands its client’s persona; they can create a character in similarity with the client’s personality.

Motion graphic Videos: It is highly recommended to consider using motion graphic when someone is looking to convey a lot of data, but ensure that the stats really come alive.
Mind you. This technique uses graphic elements, in order to deliver a message through smooth movement.

These videos are slowly gaining significance, because they can explain complex or abstract information, alongside of engaging their audience.
Because you are going to present something complicated in a clear way, we, ‘The chitrakars’ recommend that motion graphics are suitable to you in order to impress mature and professional audiences.

White board Videos: coming to this type of videos, in this case, the entire story will be created in front of the viewer’s eyes.
This type of video style works perfectly well if you are going to do marketing about  IT solutions, Software companies and B2B campaigns, due to its educational approach.
If you are looking at conveying your information in a clear and effective way and are not in a necessity to wow a younger audience, then, in this case, whiteboard may be right for you.

Live action videos: Live action are extremely useful, when you wish to connect with your audience on a personal level.
It’s a good idea to show real faces, because, they build trust with customers and humanize the people behind your organisation.
It is also useful for testimonials, because your prospects see real people who use your product and are recommending it to them.

The following steps must be considered while choosing an explainer video:
1.       Chart out all the list of things that you want to see stylistically in your video. This will enable you to narrow down which style is best for you.
2.       Think about the way in which your message can be best conveyed. As every company and project is different, it’s imperative to identify what’s important both for your company and audience, and how the message can best be conveyed.
3.       The personalities of your clients must be taken into consideration. Carefully one must understand whether they respond to something creative, or something professional etc? Also, try to understand whether they are traditional and structured or younger and open-minded etc?

4.       Last but not least, you must take your budget into account. Considering your budgets will do a sorting out of, which options will work for you? 
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