Wow Factors in case of explainer videos

Are you wondering about what makes a good explainer video?

Here is the answer.

An excellent script
v  The script must be strong enough to get the message across all viewers.
v  In 90 seconds, it should tell a concise and emotional story, while triggering a certain degree of curiosity.
v  An ideal video script must
a)      Name problems
b)      Suggest solutions
c)       Explain more and
d)      Tell the viewers what they need to do next

Voice Over
v  The voice over can be of several types, such as Hero, explorer, Caregiver etc.
v  As per the context in which the video is made and as per the target audience, the voice over used must be matching.

Multigenre animated videos
v  You can combine two or more animation types to perform a wider range of visual effects and create an impressive explainer video.
v  For example, include adding 2D animation to live action video.
v  It should always be borne in mind that, in spite of combining different animation types, the animated video should never exceed the ideal length of 90 seconds.

v  A well- chosen music, brings to life all visual effects and most importantly, pave the way for your message towards the viewers .Therefore ensure that the music is in compatibility with the Story told by the video.
v  If one cannot find a perfect music for the explainer video, never hesitate to synchronize different types of music and sound effects and produce a unique combination for the animated video.

Meticulously planned details at each and every stage of the video production process
v  To get a good quality explainer video, care must be taken at every stage of the video production process, such as script, designs, animations, transitions, music, Voice-over etc.
v  An appropriate way of managing for quality among these factors will make a good explainer video.

Video must be produced by high skilled professionals 
v  The video must be produced by professionals, who have wide experience in narrative, illustration, animation and marketing, apart from being well informed and updated on the latest trends in video marketing.
v  Also, if, the explainer video is made by coordinating the efforts of various skilled persons from various departments such as script writers, designers, illustrators, animators etc, a good explainer video becomes a reality.

Must be able to win the attention of the target audience
v  A good explainer video must be in such a way that it attracts the customer attention towards it. To achieve this, some sort of research must be done to capture the main interests and needs of the company’s prospects.
v  Also, the video making company must have thorough knowledge in the marketing field.

Fluent communication between the video production company and its client
v  Another important parameter, on which an explainer video can be judged is, whether there is a proper flow of communication during every stage of production process, between the video production company and its customer.
v  The explainer video must be made in such an environment, where there is an open dialogue between the video production company and its client.

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