Various styles of corporate films

The following are the various styles of corporate films:

1. Company profile: 

This type of videos will prove to be the best choice, while introducing your company to consumers.
To make the video more informative, you can add messages from CEO, other top officials and product experts.
What are the objectives of the company can be best explained by showing some images of inside the enterprise and giving a little company history, along with its mission statement and unique marketing proposition.

2.Broadcast commercial: 

Even though, a greater amount of efforts have to be put in while making this type of videos, the return on investments that it can show are very high.
This type of advertising is justified, if you have the budget to do high quality production and can afford to do a lot of television advertising, because the ad must be repeatedly forecasted on Popular channels.

3.Online commercial: 

This type of commercials do not require high budget.
Their reliability on good storytelling, is an important key factor in making them go viral on youtube.
These commercials will be useful for small and medium businesses.

4.Industrial videos: 

Industrial videos can give information about products, services and industry trends to the audience within a specific industry.
The other uses of this type of commercials is that they help in fund raising to get more investors, and also it finds its uses for business marketing, particularly at tradeshows.

5.Promotional videos: 

Unlike online commercials, promotional videos are not made just for online consumption. Of course, these are also designed to showcase products and services.
This type of commercials can also be distributed through DVDs and Packaged with other media. Also they can be shared on social media.

6.Customer testimonial: 

Always, in marketing, it is a good idea to offer product reviews by actual customers who have tested the product.

Because online shoppers want to know, whether a product is worth buying, customer testimonials will serve this purpose.

7.Internal communication: 

This is also known as “address to camera”.
An internal video can be directed at staff, vendors or clients.
A Company’s policy or other internal information can best be explained in this way.

8.Staff training: 

When training is given to the staff through videos, the benefit is that they can watch the video over and over again until the information is understood.
This type of videos can cut down on training expenses, because the need for repetitious instruction to accommodate new team members will be eliminated.

9.Talent recruitment: 

The company can recruit Skilled workers, by projecting itself as a good employer with the help of recruitment videos.
It is a powerful tool in the hands of HR department to target specific markets in order to recruit the most appropriate talent.
On employment websites, they can be used in conjunction with classified ads.

10. Event documentation: 

One of the best ways to advertise, for any company is, to advertise its achievements.
Videos that show events at the corporate level will have a greater impact on the audience.
This type of videos can be showcase on your website and can be shared through social media.

11. Conferences and seminars

The best advantages of this type of videos are that there is no time constraint.
Without leaving home, the consumers can watch your company presentations with the help of conference or seminar videos.
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