Tips for making a great kickstarter video

For having a great kickstarter campaign, it is important to have a great kick starter video.
It is very important for crowd funding campaign, because, people will first see your video when they reach your page.
Here are some tips for making a great kickstarter video:

1. Grab your audience attention: 

The most important point to be understood is that 20% of viewers stop watching a video by around ten seconds in.
Therefore, never waste time in introducing yourself and thanking people for watching, because this is not a normal conversation.
The strategies to be adopted may be, either lead with a problem that the viewer will almost certainly relate to, or lead with your benefits-i,e  how their lives will become better with the help of your product.
In either cases, you have to pair your message with visuals that are interesting and compelling.

2. Show your audience what they can do with your product: 

Even if you talk a lot about your product, if you can’t make the product details and benefits explained clearly to your audience, most people will remain unconvinced.
It’s not sufficient, if you tell the viewer what your product can do. Show them an animation that will illustrate your point.
Convince them through your video that your product can make their lives cooler, easier and better.

3. Win the trust of the people: 

People need to trust you, before purchasing your product.
Give examples of your earlier success in your field.
If your product has won an innovation contest, advertise it.
Share them your most important credentials.

4. Clearly explain them why you need the money: 

Clearly explain the people how exactly their money will be used.
For example, it may be to refine the prototype, expand production, or hire staff etc.
Make sure that people know how much money you
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