Decision making process in case of explainer videos

“A decision is said to be made when an individual selects a course of action from two or more alternative choices.”

There are various  stages in consumer decision making in selecting explainer videos:

Problem recognition: A consumer identifies various problems in his firm and recognises the need to buy an explainer video.
Generally the various problems of many firms that lead to the purchasing of explainer videos are:
a)      When start-ups face the problem that the owner himself is managing both sales and marketing
b)      When the company wants to impress the consumer within very little time.
c)       When it is difficult to accomplish the task of making the customer understand the benefits of the product through using just text or traditional marketing materials.
d)      When it is necessary to get ranked with a better rank by the search engine optimization companies like Google.
e)      When the company is interested to promote its product aggressively in social media.

Information to be known by the Company: The company will make a study of and analyse the business environment, to decide about what sort of explainer video is required by them.
The following information is worth knowing by the company in case of explainer videos:

1.Freezing of the requirements:The company must freeze its requirements  before taking a decision as to whether an explainer video is needed by them and if yes, what kind of video is required by them. For freezing of requirements the following points must be noted down.

a.Clarity about the target audience: The company needs to be clear about What is its target market and what kind of videos are required by them. There are 3 major aspects upon which the company must have clarity of thought. They are:
·         Customer: The Company must have a good idea about what sort of people are their customers, such as whether they are professionals or general public or businessmen etc.
·         Content: The Company must be clear about what is all the information about the product,  that the client needs to know.
·         Communicate: The Company must be aware of the way of communication through video, or in other words, whether they require videos that consist of motion graphics/character animations/Whiteboard animations etc.

b.Platforms: Another important aspect is, the company must understand what are the platforms through which it is planning to reach the clients, like B2B presentations or placing the video on its website etc.

c. Call to action to be followed up: The company must have information about what is the call to action to be followed up  from its potential customers, after watching the explainer video, such as Call back request or dropping a mail to the company etc. 

2.Defining the content to the point: When we see an explainer video, our brain exhibits eagerness to watch it, because we remember the good old days of hearing to stories. The company must understand that , explainer videos stand a better chance of getting watched and therefore must ensure that the content in the video is, to the point and wins the attraction of the client within short span of time.

3.Tailor made explainer videos as per your Brand identity: Because of explainer videos you can be able to give a tailor made solution to the client in such a way that it excites, resonates and persuades the viewer to purchase your services. Sometimes,it may be difficult to establish your brand identity with the traditional methods of advertising.It is here that the explainer videos come for your rescue, by enabling you to present your brand story in a way you have imagined. The company must be clear about, how to position  itself in the minds of the client.

4.How to simplify your products complexities : Explainer video’s can explain the complexities in the product, such as technology, final benefit to customer in an easy to grasp manner. The companies must understand that the customer will feel that he needs the product, if he is explained about the product through explainer videos in such a way that he understands the uses of the product.

Evaluation among metrics for good quality video: The company will evaluate between various alternatives among metrics required for a good quality video such as Voice over tone, animation etc.
The company should have clear understanding of what does an explainer video mean to them and on what basis they are going to evaluate the quality of the videos (Certain parameters) and choose the best video among the available alternatives.


The chitrakars will respond to the requirements of the company by adjusting the marketing mix which consists of:
Video Product
Place  and
It means that we will offer a right product (A good video), at right price and right place (the mechanism through which the videos are exchanged with revenue from the company), along with right promotion technique.
By adjusting the marketing mix the chitrakars will change the offering made to the company that is looking for explainer videos.

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