Decision making in case of corporate videos

The following aspects are to be considered before making a decision about corporate films:

1. Establish and communicate a budget: 

It is always better to have a prior estimate about what is your budget within which you want to make a corporate film.
Never be under the impression that, “If I tell my budget to the service provider, I will not get a good deal”.
Ultimately, everyone will have a budget, and it is good to communicate that budget to your service provider as soon as possible.
If this happens, it is easy for the production company to come out with a viable solution.
Ask your service provider,” I have so and so amount of budget, and I want to achieve so and so objective, what can you offer me within this budget?”.

2. Be clear about your business objectives: 

Before approaching your service provider, be very clear about your business objective.
Never ask your service provider to develop a creative/dynamic video.
Tell him, “This is my business goal and the video that you make must help me achieve this specific business goal. How can you help me in this regard?”
Also, ask the video production company as to how the video that they produce will help you achieve your objective.
Because, even if the video created by the video production company is wonderful, you will not be able to hear from your client, if it is irrelevant as per their problem.

3. Develop trust among your audience: 

Always think about whether you really need a bubbly spokesperson to talk on your behalf, or you require one of your employees to represent your company etc.
Even though sounding and looking professional will always matter, the substance will have considerably more weight than style.
Of course, high production values attract audience, but spending lot of money to pay actors, and setup expensive sets, will not alone win business from the client.
Start with, what is the message you want your target audience to be subjected to.

Then decide, how you will deliver the message and what are all the visual devices you need, to develop your video.

4. Create a storyboard before you shoot: 

As soon as you establish and communicate business objectives, you have to build a storyboard.
Your storyboard can include a complete script.

5. Have a plan to promote and distribute the video after it is produced: 

Once, all the above tasks are accomplished, the ultimate task is to promote and distribute the video.
Nowadays, people are looking for solutions to problems wherever and whenever they occur.
You must think about, how you can reach your audience with the help of your videos.
Of course, they can view it on your website, but be innovative in finding out the ways in which you can ensure that your valuable content gets noticed.    
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