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When you think about getting people to pay attention to your ad films,a careful consideration will make you realize that, now there is more competition than ever.

Therefore, in case of ad films it is indispensable to ensure that your ad films are of a greater quality and are more relevant and interesting than that of your competitors..
Another best method  to make your ad films effective is, to cautiously  inject them with a little style, so that viewers can associate it with your brand.

It’s not going to be sufficient in case of ad films, if you ensure that your ad film stands out from the rest of ad films, but you must also take all the care, so that the viewer’s remember who made it, and this is possible if you maintain a style that is consistent.

Here is a brief description about various styles of ad films:

Clean and simple

Ø  It is the simplistic and minimalistic look of the ad film, that a large number of  companies are going to adopt as their consistent style when creating an ad film.

Ø   This type of ad film style can be categorized by a lot of empty space in the frame, most of the times coming in the way of very clean, neutral-coloured backgrounds.

Ø  This type of simple ad film style will prove to be good, while creating introductory explainer videos.

Flashy and Bold

Ø  If you have a firm belief that wild colour choice; flashy animations; big, bold text, eye popping graphics; quick cuts; etc. in your ad film, will prove to be  having  a more powerful impact on viewers, then, be assured that  this louder style choice is the right one for you.

Ø  This type of approach towards ad film works best, in all the cases, when you have a truly strong or timely message.

Ø   Charities, fashion and tech companies etc, while making adfilms use this ad film style, provided they consider the content they are presenting to be cutting- edge in some way.

Ø  In short, if your primary objective is to obtain the viewer’s attention as early as possible, taking a bolder, flashier visual approach is the way to go.

Creative and offbeat  

Ø  Eventhough this ad film style also involves bright and bold colour choices, the overall visual result is more unique and funky than most other types of distinct ad film styles.

Ø  This style of ad film works best for creative professionals like photographer, Cinematographer and designer etc.

Rich and Luxurious

Ø  The key point to remember when taking this stylistic approach towards ad film  is to stick to tradition.
Ø  We use neutral colors along with  elegant font choices for any text, and also make use of slow-motion as well as slow camera movements.

Ø  This type of ad film style  is suitable style when you want to get  connected  with a somewhat up-scale audience.

Ø  If you are going to give a tour of your restaurant etc, this will prove to be the most appropriate choice.

Ø  Having said all this about ad films, we want to repeatedly tell you that, you need to be consistent while creating ad films, so that viewers recognize a visual style across all your ad films and associate them with your brand identity.    
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